Zocozua Platform

codeless, serverless and effortless business application platform, just for you

What is Zocozua

Zocozua is a cloud-based platform for building and running business applications without writing code or provisioning server resources. The platform handles load balancing, security and all sort of infrastructure management by itself.

How can you use it?

You can create a full-fledged application (frontend and backend) or just use it as a secure backend (stateful or stateless) for your custom mobile or web apps.

How can you make it your own

Zocozua support custom branding and can be run from any domain/subdomain of your choice. Its features can also be plugged-in into any mobile or web application.
Zocozua provides multi-region (Europe. Asia, North, South America, etc) data presence which means you can choose where your data should live for quicker access or compliance.

How much does it cost?

You pay only for what you actually use and can make payments monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
Zocozua also has a forever free plan for you.

A few Zocozua usecasses

Make API gateway for you mobile or web app

So you have an awesome mobile/web app. Now give it an equally awesome API backend without writing any code or doing any server setup.

Make web-forms for online surveys, feedbacks etc

Collect feedbacks, conduct online surveys, online tests, or receive user queries using Zocozua web-forms, much like Google forms but with much more features.

Use an existing application template to begin with

Zocozua template store has many ready to use application templates like simple billing, inventory etc. Pick a few and customize them for your specific needs.

Create an enterprise application from scratch

Build what you need, ERP, CRM, Task Management, Supply chain management or just about anything your business demands.

Collect, manage and visualize data from your IoT platform

Use Zocozua as a high performance data ingestion engine for your IoT needs.
Give it a try. Create a Zocozua Virtual Enterprise now for free

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Zocozua Platform

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